Baby Shower Gifts – Presentation is a Plus!

Are you invited to a baby shower? Then you must bring something special for the mom-to-be. Presentation is a plus when giving gift to a dear friend. Before you wrap the gift, you have to know first the sex of the upcoming baby, or if it is intended for the mom, wrap the gift in a way that she would surely appreciate. To cut down confusion, here are some ideas on how to wrap baby shower gifts creatively.

If you are going to a baby shower but pretty unsure if the baby is going to be a boy or girl, wrap the present in a gender-neutral color such as white, green, silver, or yellow. Instead of using one ribbon on the wrapped present, make it two. You can use two colored ribbons, in neutral colors of course, that will make two different colored bows on the top of the present.

To add another cute topping to your baby shower gift, you can use some cute baby accessories and toys such as rattles, teething toys, baby mittens, socks, hairbow, or small picture frames. Or if the party will going to be held sometime during the holiday season, you can use Christmas ornaments as additional decoration on your baby shower gift. Such items can easily be fastened by tying them with a ribbon – and these extras can also be used by the baby.

There’s a lot of creative ways you can think of when wrapping a baby shower gift, one of which is a teddy bear gift wrap. To make this kind of gift wrap, of course you will need a wrapping paper that has teddy bears on it. There are so many wrapping papers that come in teddy bears themes, however, if can’t find one, you can use cocoa colored gift wrap instead. After wrapping the gift with a teddy bear themed wrapping paper, you can put a cute teddy bear on the top of the package together with a nice white or brown bow. Alternatively, you can use teddy bear rattles, or teething toys instead of a small teddy bear.

For a baby girl shower gift, consider a pretty floral look. You can use a wrapping paper with floral prints or even just plain but colored paper, and then simply add a nice green or purple ribbon and tie it in a bow. If you prefer plain colored paper, it would be best to add some fresh spring flowers on the package to enhance its look. Make sure to cute the stems of the flowers short and then just add them before you to the party. This way the flowers would still look fresh for your baby shower gift.

Is there an older sibling? A baby shower gift doesn’t always necessarily need to be for the baby nor for the mom. If there is an older sibling, your gift could be something for him/her. You can think of wrapping a toy, board game, piggy bank, school bag, or a nice children’s wear. Baby gift baskets that contain a variety of cute baby gifts can also make a wonderful package for the baby shower. Get creative and imaginative when making such wonderful basket that the mom would definitely love and remember from you!

A Twelve Step Program to Break Your Addiction to Ineffective PowerPoint Presentations

The twelve step program created by Alcoholics Anonymous has been used as a model for many people to break their addiction to alcohol, drugs and other destructive behaviours. It has been adapted to many situations to deal with different problems people have. I started thinking about these steps when I was considering how to stop people from creating and delivering PowerPoint presentations that are ineffective and damaging to their careers.

In this article I am giving you my twelve step program for breaking the addiction that many presenters have. These presenters have become accustomed to packing their slides with text and data and mostly reading the slides to their audience. They know others have somehow managed to use visuals effectively in presentations, but they need some help to break the habit they have.

I hope these steps will help you or someone you know to start to make the changes that will help improve your presentations, and lead to even greater success. The first six steps deal with making a decision to change and committing to the work it will require. Steps seven through twelve address how to make the change.

  1. I admit that my abuse of PowerPoint has become unmanageable. I can’t seem to figure out how to stop inflicting overloaded text and data slides on my audiences. My audiences don’t find my presentations effective, even if they aren’t telling me that to my face.
  2. I have come to believe that there is a better way that can save my presentations. I have seen other presenters deliver effective presentations with persuasive visuals, so I know there is a better way. I see that they start with structure, create and use visuals that illustrate their message, and deliver their presentation as if they are having a conversation with the audience. I’d like to be able to do this too.
  3. I have made a decision to turn my presentations over to this better way of presenting. I believe that I can change my ways. I believe that it is possible and that it doesn’t require an innate design ability to do it. I believe that I can learn the skills I need to be able to create effective PowerPoint presentations.
  4. I have made a fearless inventory of my skills at design, creation and delivery of presentations. I have used honest feedback from others and independent assessments to truly evaluate what I am good at and where I need to develop skills. I have been encouraged because now I know what I need to learn in order to become a better presenter.
  5. I have admitted publicly that my presentations have not been as good as they should have been. I have committed to my family, friends, colleagues and my boss that I know I can create and deliver better presentations. I have done this publicly so that I can count on their support, guidance and encouragement through this process. I also want them to hold me accountable to make these changes. I look forward to celebrating with them as I see the changes result in successful presentations.
  6. I am ready to address my presentation faults. I know this will involve hard work and I am willing to commit to the efforts that are necessary. I will allocate the time necessary to study and practice these new skills.
  7. I have asked for assistance to address my shortcomings. Knowing that this will take time and effort, I have asked for approval at work and home for time and funding to get the training I need. I have made the time in my schedule for the required learning, better preparation of my presentations, and more rehearsal for each presentation.
  8. I have made a list of the mistakes I have made using PowerPoint and am willing to correct them. From the fearless inventory of skills in step four, I have listed the areas that I need to improve on. I will seek out the training, books, and other resources that will help me improve in these specific areas. I will seek the guidance of coaches and others who can give me the expert perspective I need.
  9. I will make my presentations better for future audiences. I know that the training and learning will be difficult at first to implement in my presentations. Change is difficult when you start it. I commit to the work required to make the changes and will push through the difficult times in order to make the changes I have committed to. I won’t give up when the going gets tough.
  10. I will continue to evaluate my presentations honestly and admit mistakes when I find them. I will use checklists and rubrics to evaluate all aspects of my presentation, from design, to content, to delivery. I will be ruthless in my evaluations so that I don’t slip back into the practices I once followed. I will ask experts for their honest opinions to help check my progress.
  11. I will continue to learn and develop my presentation ability with the goal to become the best presenter I can be. I know that this is not a one-time effort. I will need ongoing guidance and ideas in order to continue to improve. I commit to continuous learning through books, blogs, videos, courses, newsletters, conferences, etc. I will ask presenters I respect which thought leaders they follow and learn from them.
  12. Having realized the errors of my presentations in the past, I have tried to share this message with other presenters and demonstrate better presentations principles when I present. When I see an article, video, blog post, tweet, or other item that demonstrates this better way to present, I will communicate it to my network through my conversations, e-mails, blog posts, tweets, etc. I will recommend to my colleagues, bosses, and friends, those books, experts, web sites, blogs, newsletters, etc. that have helped me.

Now it is truly up to you. I know that changing from your old ways of presenting is difficult at first. I’ve done it and so have many fellow readers of my newsletter who have written to thank me over the years. You can do it too. I am here to help and encourage you along the way with articles, my blog, slide makeover videos, and many other resources. Now take that first step.

Why Does Your Dog Deserve a Present?

Birthday – Everyone gets a birthday present. Your kids, your parents, even you. It’s not fair that your dog sees everyone else getting spoilt on the anniversary of their birth, but not them – and they do know, trust me. So treat your dog to a wonderful birthday present this year. Unlike your kids, they wont moan if you bought them a PlayStation 2 instead of 3, they’ll just be thankful that you thought of them.

Anniversary of when they were bought - If you can’t remember their birthday, or you can but you want to treat them for both instances, get them an anniversary dog present. I’ve heard the saying a happy dog makes a happy home, and just think how happy the home will be if the dog is doubly happy!

A ‘well done’ present – If the dog in question is a puppy in training, you might want to congratulate them on going a whole week without doing its business indoors. Even if it’s not a pup, you might want to say well done because they keep doing things that really surprise you. They might have done something courageous like saved a life, or found something you were looking for. I’m sure your dog does so many things that deserve praise, so don’t just say it, show them how proud you are.

Thank you – You might have just gone through a relationship break up, or lost a job or a family member. You might have just had an operation and are in need of a friend who can really cheer you up. If your dog has done this for you, they deserve something to say thanks.

Apology – You might have been neglecting the dog recently in favour of the cat, hamster or rabbit you’ve just bought. You might have been spending more time at work recently and aren’t giving your dog the affection they’re used to. Either way, a nice dog present ought to soften the blow a little.

Cheer up – Your dog might be upset about something too. They may have lost a companion, a cat, another dog, or their playmate from the park might have just moved away. Whatever the reason, the poor thing needs something to cheer them up, so don’t hesitate to do so.

Return from holiday – Imagine your whole family goes on a 2 week Caribbean cruise and you have to spend that time holed up with a bunch of strangers smelling your behind? Exactly. Find something on that boat that your dog will love!

Just because – A bit of spontaneity goes a long way with humans, so why not dogs? Treat them because they’re your best friend and always there to make the day a little brighter, however dark the weather may be.

I’m sure these aren’t the only reasons to buy your dog a present, but it just goes to show that there are many ways to do so. There are plenty of shops and websites available with a huge array of dog presents aimed at any dog, any breed, any age, any size and any price. Time to start shopping!